Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Robert can take photos, too

This photo of Neil Young making a cameo appearance
at JavaOne made the front page of Software Development Times.
Photo credit: Robert Mullins

As a senior editor for Software Development Times, I, of my own volition, used my personal camera to take photos. Invariably, on production day for each of the print issues of SD Times, someone form the graphics department would e-mail me asking for a headshot of whomever was featured in one of my articles. I'd have to scramble and call the PR people at a company to send me a headshot, which may as well have been the guy's driver's license photo. Finally, I decided to take my own photos, when possible. Here are some photos and some related stories:
Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz

Showfloor at JavaOne 2008

Ian Murdock, VP of Developer and
Community Marketing, Sun Microsystems

Reuven Cohen co-hosts "unconference" on
cloud computing in San Francisco in May 2008

Participants at the "Cloud Camp" in San Francisco
line up to suggest breakout sessions for their
"unconference" on cloud computing in May 2008

The Firefox mascot greets visitors to Mozilla's
headquarters for a launch event for the
Firefox 3 browser in June 2008

The crowd at Google I/O Conf.
Moscone Center, San Francisco, May 2008
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