Monday, April 6, 2009

My new role as an "Examiner"

I finally started posting articles in the last week for, the blogging site for the San Francisco Examiner newspaper. The paper has recruited an army of several hundred bloggers, mostly in the Bay Area but also in some other U.S. cities, to write about everything under the sun. We make a pittance, but it could result in some valuable exposure and help build a porfolio of articles.
Here are the first four articles I wrote:

Plantronics takes 'one giant leap' for managing multimedia audio
Savi Office introduction. March 31

Now you'll have no excuse to forget the milk
Shopping cart-mounted computer. March 31

Nintendo's 'Virtual Boy' undergoes autopsy at ESC
Failed product, April 1

Wireless networks can help around the house
Mesh networks, April 6

Be sure to click on the link "Add Robert to Favorite Examiners" and come back often.

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